3 sec ago . Straight out of a romantic novel; Paris does not require an elaborate introduction to paint a picture in our minds. With cutesy cafes and cobbled-stone by-lanes, Paris has a certain old world charm that cannot be missed. Travellers from around the world find themselves wandering about the city only to come face to face with yet another culturally diverse side of Paris. Being the cultural capital of France, there couldn’t be a better way to experience Paris than by indulging in its art, music and delectable cuisine unlike other. Whether it is a museum, a gallery or an interactive bar — find yourself exploring your way through the city’s captivating age-old architecture.

What makes Paris in December special?

The city of lights, Paris , cools down in December, right in time for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. While the temperature is nippy around these months, this is the ideal time to experience Paris without its peak season chaos. Christmas in the city of light warms up with its enchanting Christmas markets that pop up almost everywhere around the city. Paris in December also brings you an opportunity to cosy up inside a cafe with a book or two, and watch the snow shimmer down the slanting roofs of the apartments. The season is also ideal for those wishing to try their luck at one of Paris’ many ice-skating rinks during the day. While you may be at the receiving end of Paris’ winter, the season definitely promises quality time with the city if you don’t forget to bundle up. Paris in December is a great way to escape the peak season crowd, as tourists prefer visiting in the summer season instead. Find yourself witnessing an unexplored side of the City of Lights like never before.



Paris Weather in December

Paris in December experiences cold weather. This could range anywhere from mild snowfall, to rain or just cool wind. The temperature around this month drops down from 7 degrees and can go upto 3 degrees minimum. While snowfall here in this month is rare, it is best to pack gumboots to avoid slush on the ground.

What is Paris without a trip to the Eiffel Tower? Not only is the view splendid on a chilly, winter night, but there is also a chance to enjoy a moment of peace with a considerably lesser crowd. Stand back and look at the city glimmer into the fading colours of the dusk.

Walk through the dingy catacombs to uncover Paris’ dark past that hides beneath its pavement. Explore the eerie, spiralling man-made passageways to learn more about the city. Paris in December is the ideal time to skip the otherwise three hour long queues at the Catacombs.

A sprawling collection of art and history alike, Louvre is a cultural hotspot for those interested in a piece of Paris’ history. This December the Musee du Louvre along with the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg are joining hands in December for an outstanding exhibition based on the collection built up by the Marquis Campana. This exhibition will loosely feature around 12,000 archeological objects, paintings, sculptures and will provide an overview of 19th century’s largest private collection.

Set sail on the Bateaux Parisien’s luxurious ride that takes you through the illuminated waterways of Paris. Witness the city in all its nighttime glory. The nippy weather in December also gives a perfect excuse to cosy up on this exclusively romantic cruise ride.


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