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While it may not have the size and history of London, England, the Canadian version is just as exciting, refreshing, and entertaining — regardless of what strikes your fancy when getting out of the house! Here are 20 go-tos that appease both locals and visitors alike.

London is home to numerous annual festivals, from Trackside Country Music Festival to Ribfest for the food enthusiasts. The London Fringe Festival has also blossomed over the years if you enjoy theater. Also, Sunfest is an all-encompassing celebration of art, food, culture, and music held in Victoria Park. Speaking of which —

This park is London’s Ontario largest, encompassing a whopping 140 hectares along a stretch of the Thames River. It boasts 30 kilometres of trails, and its feature attraction is Storybook Gardens, a family park modeled entirely after childrens’ nursery rhymes and stories.

Two renowned monuments are St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, and the Banting House. The former is a stunning French Gothic Revival Church built in 1851, while the latter is a museum dedicated to Dr. Frederick Banting, the inventor of insulin.

This historic sports and entertainment center allows for attendees to experience a hockey game, a concert, and touring Broadway shows among numerous other events.

Visit Eldon House, and you’ll have visited the oldest residence in the city’s history (circa 1834). Tours are offered, and certain days grow rather festive; an example being on Canada Day, guests can play period games and eat some food the original family would have enjoyed.

One of London’s most frequented natural landmarks, the Sifton Bog is a Class 2 provincially significant wetland. Located in southern Ontario, it is home to an abundance of rare species and a fantastic way to spend a quiet afternoon.

London, Ontario is a destination for many art and history buffs thanks to its plethora of museums. The London Museum houses over 5,000 works of art, and 45,000 artefacts. The Museum of Ontario Archeology and the London Regional Children’s Museum are also terrific choices if the kids want to tag along.

The headliner here is Labatt, Canada’s largest brewery, whose headquarters are in London. The extensive tour takes two hours and of course includes samples. Some other beer ventures could be the family-run Toboggan Brewing Company, as well as Anderson Craft Ales.

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